Thursday, August 26, 2010

A lot of life, a lot of thought

Hello blogger universe, my universe!! haha, it must all revolve around me right?

Just kidding, So I was thinking, I know I have been writing you know about once a week or so does anyone read my blog? haha probably not but that is okay!

Anyways on to life. Where to begin? Well I have had much to think about!! The guy who I waited to get home from his mission is home!! Welcome home!! But what does this mean? Well hopefully he does not read this! Anyways, we are still good friends or at least I hope so, we haven't done much talking except by facebook, though I am grateful to talk to him, I am not sure where he stands when it comes to anything more then friends. So I am left with confusion!! It is okay I understand he just got home, he has a lot to figure out, life, school, work, life, you know. How much can a girl ask for from someone who is just trying to figure things out himself?
Well I am still trying to figure that out myself. I was talking to a friend the other day about my uncertainty about my future in any direction. We talked about my choices my desires. Here is what I want:

A family, a handsome husband whom I could adore, preferrably the one I was speaking of earlier but if that is not in the cards then someone who God has ready for me. I want kids and truthfully I am ready for it now.

I want to go back here! I love London! I love the crowds, the culture, the people. I love London, I want to go back, I want to live here if I can. I have thought about the ways to go back. I even have thought about going to MBA school here!

That is what I want. But what I have. Well I have a good job. I have good friends, but I need to change something. I am bored with life. I need something more then a day to day job where I do the same things. Not that I am complaing. My friend told me about her job in Washington DC and now I am thinking of moving to:

YUP here, if I could find a good job! Not sure why but I am.

So it brings me back to my soap box. I was talking to the afore mentioned male friend. We have been discussing his big plans for life, school, traveling, life, work. All great things and I am happy for him I am! but what am I to do? I told him yesturday about some of the things I was thinking about, and poor guy got more then he bargained for by asking one question. But he was right, do I really want to move to Washington DC? not sure, I do want a family, told him this, but what is a girl who wants something and doesn't have it supposed to do? I don't know about the rest of you but I am not the sit around and mope type. I go out and do other things in the mean time.

I didn't expect to fall in love with a man who lives half way around the world, I didn't expect God to tell me to wait for him while he served his mission. Yes I hoped when he got home my life would have a clearer path then it currently does. And I wish with my heart and soul he would tell me today he loved me. But lets face it, it could happen but not today, and it may not ever happen. But God will pay forward the blessings of following his desires for me. Hopefully in the directions I need and want. But I never know. Until then I guess my options are to continue to out one step in front of the other on lifes path and hope it lands me in a direction and path I am both happy with and ready for.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Nope you missed it again!~~

Hello there blogsphere, I am here again!!

So I have some much deeper thoughts to add to my blog today. I came across an article written about mormon ads the church are releasing recently. Their point being that we are normal people who live normal lives. We have ambition, goals and we strive to reach. I continued to read through many of the comments made by readers, and it saddened me to read them. Mostly because the useless attacks against the church, our beliefs and things that those who were making the comments do not understand.

I have spent a great deal of time thinking about this, maybe I shouldn't but I do. Not that I have doubts, it is just the readers understood so little of church. And what we really do believe. I was at my brothers wedding the following day and the person who married my brother to his dear wife reminded me of the truth to the reasons why we do some things. Yes I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I take Christ's name upon me and I try to be as Christ like as I can, knowing there are times I fall short. I want people who know me to know him because they know me. Yes I wear what people refer to as "Magic Underwear" and no there is nothing magic about them. It is an outward reminder to myself of the committment I made to follow God's commandments, and the blessings that I can recieve in return for being obedient.
It is not for others to criticize religion, and beliefs. I came from a long line of Mormon members. I was raised in the faith. Having said that I am not closed minded to new ideas, God teaches us all in ways that only the individual and God can understand. I don't critizise those around me for believing in things I do not, because they believe in the same God I do for the most part, they have a relationship with him as I do, and most importantly they are his children and he desires their success here as he does mine.

Yes we are seen as peculiar people. No I do not drink, No I do not smoke or do drugs. Yes I go to church on Sunday, Yes I believe in a Prophet on the earth who leads us much the early apostles, does it not make sense that the restored church of God would be in the same order as his early church? Yes I am a member of the church, yes you might think I am odd, but I know now I am a child of God, and that he has a plan for me and all of my brothers and sisters on this earth. To be honest, that is the best news of all, having a bad day, remember in the scheme of things this little event doesn't matter, and there is something better!!

So am I afraid of saying loud and proud who I am no!! My name is Keri, I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints! The spirit has confirmed to me that what I believe is true! Yes Joseph Smith was a prophet, and a man, men sometimes make mistakes. His desire to know the truth and the resulting Gospel restoration is not one of them! I believe in a living prophet now on this earth. His words are the words of God and I need to follow them! I believe in Christ, in the Atonement he made for me, I can be forgiven of my sins through my Savior. I know he lives, he is a resurrected being, who came to earth to do just that, atone for all mankind. Yes I do believe the bible is true, but only as far as it was translated correctly and not just as man wants to make what man does right. I also believe in the Book of Mormon, and yes it is another testiment of our Savior. It's words are pure, and touch my heart. They speak of truth and of the love of God. I do not want to condemn other because they do not believe what I do, I do however want to share with them what they do not know. It will make a difference in their lives, I know it did mine!

Monday, August 9, 2010


Here I am again, My blog has not disappeared in the vast universe of blogs yet, so I begin to write again!

First my friend, Carolina, and I went to get pedicures on friday. I must jump on a soap box for a moment in time, Do you know how dirty those tubs are? A long time ago I saw a special on how things like foot fungus are spread through getting pedicures!!! can I say gross!! So I Have never gotten one before. Anyways I digress. On our way dinner we passed this church, and on the sign outside it said, ATM INSIDE, as if this was a perk. I have spent much time thinking on this.

Do they proclaim to give forgiveness by paying for your sins with money? Does this not take away the very purpose of a Savior? This church's name included the Savior so I must think that they teach of our Savior. Do they take away his purpose of his life? Also Can man really forgive sins or is that left up to God? Our Savior stepped in as our intercessor, he doesn't grant forgiveness, he merely made it possible that we can recieve it. The price was paid, not with money, but with a life. Do we take that foregranted? I have spent a great deal of time using the atonement for my own mistakes, misdeeds and also for my trials as it's purpose is broad and covers all the needs of mankind. I hope and pray that I do not take for granted the life my Savior freely gave out of love for myself and mankind. But that I pray it gratitude that it is enough to pay the price for me.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Strange Thoughts!

So I am re-entering the world of blogging, we will see how long this lasts for!! Wish me luck!

Today however I want to focus on strange thoughts, you know how sometimes you will just be sitting there and a thought will occur that leads to another, and then another? All along you wonder how did one lead to another as they are neither inter-related, nor mean anything in the long run? Well these are some for me!

Does any dirt ever taste good? At lunch yesturday my co-worker, my boss, and I went to lunch. He ate or attempted to eat a sauteed eggplant, he spit it out saying it tasted like dirt and not like good dirt, so I ponder and repeat my question, does any dirt ever taste good?

Another one does time fly or just get faster as you get older? Waiting for certain events to happen as a child always seemed like it took forever. Christmas took all year to get here!! But as of recently I am realizing how fast time seems to go these days and if I don't take care and use my time wisely it was sqaundered and can never be used again. Time was something I thought I had a ton of until two years later passed and I am scratching my head wondering where it went and have I become a better person?

I often think of interesting things like what came first the chicken or the egg? Do people see that tree the way I see it? I see the shoe as red does everyone else? I often wonder our brains are all wired differently to see things differently to understand things differently, to comprehend things different, and most importantly to experience the world differently. So I often wonder how does that effect the things we think, believe, the way we understand and view the world. I think our memories, our experiences all are based off our brains coming to understanding the world around us in a way that makes sense to us all. How incredible then is the brain and the ability it has to connect thoughts and memories with experiences we have. Basically the point is that the brain is incredible, but still no one knows, what came first, the chicken or the egg?

Why does Elmers Paste Glue smell so good? Remember when we were kids and the teachers would get a big container of this glue and we would use popcicle sticks to spread it? It always smelled good to me, still does, it brings back fond memories of art projects and crayons! Never fear readers I was not a glue eater, and no I did not inhale!! haha okay but in all seriousness how is it that smells remind us of some of the best memories, smells and music always bring me back to happy times, picnics, first loves, new loves, nights under the stars all the beautiful things in the world!! Who new Elmers Glue!

Have you ever spent time starring at the stars? I love the stars, when I was a little girl I would sleep outside ocassionally when I would wake up in the middle of the night I would be in awe of the beauty found by the sheer number of stars. I would try to count them,(Keep in mind I was like 5) and I would never be successful in getting too many just because there are too many. Have you ever wondered how many there are? Does it ever make you wonder in awe that God can number the stars in the sky? Often the skies would make me feel so small so insignificant, and yet so captivated because I knew it was created for me, and if God would create it all for me, and if he could number the stars then he has to know me and I am not as insignificant as I thought! Next time you are out at night take a moment look up at the stars and remember that is all for you

You know how sometimes people give you too much information? Like you are standing in line at the supermarket and the guy infront of you tells you about his less then active love life? Or how the lady next door tells you about how violently ill she was? Why do we as human beings have this desire to share so much information? I am not sure? I do it all the time, I tell someone too much and I am never sure why I do it, I just do. So the next time you or I think about telling the neighbor about something that could be considered TMI we might want to think twice!

Okay I think that is all for now, but until later remember to gaze at the starz and think before you speak!!