Sunday, June 29, 2008

I'm Getting On a Jet Plane....

So friends and family, here I go. I am heading to Europe. Six weeks in one of the places I love. So bon voyage, tata for now, sianara, c-ya later alligator, afterwhile crocodile, auvoir! I wish you all the best six weeks of your lives, I know I will be having some great fun! I'll be in Scotland, England, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and Italy! I hope you think of me and I will think of you, trying my hardest to remeber you! Go and get'em Tiger!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

European Ecstasy

I am sure you all know about my trip this summer, if you didn't when was the last time I talked to you? Because it has been way to long! So I am headed off to Europe for six whole weeks full of fun, merriment, gaiety, partying, and joy filled days, anyway you put it another six weeks of the best days of my life! I am so excited and words cannot begin to express how I feel about this opportunity. I am going with BYU's international business study abroad program. While in Europe we will visit 9 countries, many businesses and have opportunities to see how international business works like never before!

We fly out July 1, 2008 and will arrive in Ediburgh, Scotland, there we will see the highlands and the Lockness monster, I promise to look for him and send your regards, then to spend the weekend in Preston, where we will stay at the Temple housing and Liverpool before going to London. From London we will go to Amsterdam and then Brussels. Paris will be cool, having seen it before I know what to expect though I truly am looking forward to a few new things, one is Normandy beach, knowing my grandfathers and great uncles fought in WWII this will be a great opportunity to understand more fully what they did for me, and for our country. The men who served and paid the price with their lives deserve the highest respect and I am excited to have the opportunity to honor them. We also will visit Mt St Micheal and this should be very cool as I always wanted to see this as well. From paris we head to Switzerland. Here we will spend some time in the Swiss alps and I never thought I would get there but am looking forward to this tremendously! We will go to Austria and see Salzburg and do a Sound of Music Tour and I hope to act out the gazebo scene with some unsuspecting fellow, this should be fun! We will also see a concentration camp. This is another part of the war that I think will be difficult to see, but I think will give me a greater understanding of what really happened. Then off to Germany, where we will see BMW's in the making. Finally we will go to Italy, here we will go all over, see about everything I always wanted to see and I am looking forward very much to this!

Last but not least a friend Lauren and I are taking a week trip back to London. we are going to see more of London, and going to visit some of my friends in Cornwall. This will be a blast we are still finishing up our plans but this should be so good! I am way excited and hope that you all will enjoy following my trip as much as I enjoy taking my trip!

Me, Me, Me!

So this blog is created to tell you about me! It seems these days this is the best way everyone has of keeping others involved in each others lives. So that is what this is going to be for me.

I am still going to School. I will be doing a study abroad this summer in Europe and that should be a lot of fun! Then in December I will don the cap and gown and walk down the long road called adulthood. I will find a real job and do adult things, I think this is what mom has been waiting for, though I am not so sure I have been looking too forward to this! Oh well such is life, the unexpected and all!

So for all you who will be involved this is how to stay involved, I will try to write while on my trip, tell you of my adventures in beautiful Europe, my adventures of adulthood and growing up. This is essentially all about Me, Me, Me!