Thursday, November 27, 2008

Adventures All Around the World

So I have been home for a while and thought it might be time to recount my trip and thoughts about my trip with a few pictures for those few of you who enjoy my blog. As many of you know I left for my trip July 1, 2008. It was an amazing adventure, there were inumerable ups, some occasional downs, and some unexpected twists on this trips.

We flew into the great city of Edinburgh, Scotland. This city never ceases to amaze me! This was a great place to visit and I loved my visit to this great city full of history and mystery!We had a lot of fun in Scotland, we walked the Royal Mile, watched street performers, went to the castle, anf parliment, and had a great tour of the city told by this bishop of one of the wards in Edinburgh. Last but not least we went on an amazing ghost tour, haunting the cities underground, and man did they scare us, and Venessa was so scared she held on to me the whole time and screamed her lungs out, she is like a quarter of my size and managed to pin me to the wall! While in scotland we took some adventures to great places like the highlands where we saw sterling castle, this is one of those neat places where Scotlands history took form, and then onto the locke where the locke ness moster lives, I made sure to tell him hi when Imet him and I Have included a great picture of him!

After Scotland we went to England. We bused from Scotland down, and as we did we had some amazing opportunities, we stayed at the Preston Temple housing, was able to attend a session of baptisms and confirmations for the dead, and saw many church sites, this was an amazing trip to London, the spirit was so strong, and this was one of those ups and downs moments on the trip, little did I know it was the beginning of preparing me for the journey ahead! I felt like I was home when I finally got back to London and Adam and I got a group of people together and that first night the only thing we did was show people around the city. I realized then how great he was, only to find out later that I would be torn between my current thoughts at those very moments and those I would have by events later in the week. We went everywhere, Trafalgar Square, Parliment, The theatre Districts, Hyde Park, Queens Way and then we went back to our hotel at Edgeware Road. This was so amazing. While in London on this trip I got to see Mousetrap, Les Mis, The National Gallery, Westminster Abbey, Parliment, Big Ben, The British Museum, The Tower of London and Tower Bridge to name a few highlights. Man I love this city and will never get enough, I think it is enchanting and wonderful, it even could have cast a spell over me! So the event of the week, I keep referring to is the twist of this trip, and without too many details for this post I will write more in another post though I met someone, well more like met him two years ago met someone, but what I didn't realize is that I still love this boy now more then ever, but I did all along! He is an amazing guy. We met up for lunch had a pretty intense discussion about a future, and then well I had to leave the country! I was coming back one last time only for him to be the one leaving this time, on his mission, yes that is right, he is a twenty year old now serving his mission , I am waiting and it will be a long wait but he is amazing and may I say, worth the wait!

So from there I went on trying to decide, do I wait, don't I wait? This ended up being a hard decision and one I didn't make until I came home but I do feel that other experiences I had this summer helped me come to the decision I did! I left and went on to main land Europe, this was amazing in and of itself, visiting places I had been before, places I always wanted to go, and becoming aquainted with the real me, learning I am my own worst enemy. We started in the Netherlands, particularly Amsterdam, this was cool we had a night in the pool to ourselves, we went to the Rijykes Museum one of the most prestigous art collections and even the Anne Frank House. This was probably the most memorable part of this country, I read her diary as a teen, I studied WWII and never had it felt so real until I was in the Annex, until I saw where she wrote her diary and knew she was a real person, living a real life, it was tough, and it broke my heart to know a young girl who had her life in front of her lost it all because of one man, one person's thoughts lead the hearts of men in many countries to treat others in ways so inhumane, in ways they would never had done before nor had probably done since then, it seems so sensless so sad.