Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Office

For all those who know me, I am a workaholic I work like alot. This means my social life is like non-existent. AKA dead! haha. But that is okay because I get so entertained! See my two co-workers Brian and Noami are Hilarious! We spend our days working at ASAP we call association offices and do a lot of talking, and much more laughing. Cameron, our boss often talks of writing down the things that happen and starting a reality TV show, it would be a hit, we would do things much like we do now, telling jokes, playing pranks, and a lot of laughing. Today for instance they put paper on the inside of my water bottle so that when I drank out it nothing came out, I fell for this twice no, no telling how many times this is going to happen.

We have this Quote wall that has all the funny things we say, and there are all sorts of funny things on this wall, no telling who will say what next, kind of one of those candid moments kind of things. I enjoy this, though I am probably quoted the most, from the things I say about the football players and their nice pants, to innkeepers instead of inn owners. Oh well so goes life.

My other job is the telefund. Also a lot of fun, we do great things for BYU, BYU-H, and LDSBC, you may ask what? Well call alumni and get money for student scholarships, programs, and buildings. I have worked there for about 6 years and literally worked with a ton of people. I love it there. It is so much fun there. We have theme weeks, this week Indiana Jones week, and pizza and sandwich parties and much more. I have a whole bunch of co-workers and it is a lot of fun. My college career would not have been the same without my experience as funder! The few the proud, the Funders!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Blast From the Past

Upon pondering my nearing advenures across the pond I have been reflecting my last advenures. So here goes nothing. I left in September of 2006 and arrived on a beautiful and HOT day in London. I couldn't sleep on the plane I was nervous and excited and not sure what to expect. I was living in a different country with complete strangers, I was wondering if I could do it and if I made the right decision to go. Well I did and it ended up being the best experience of my life!

I think about some of my favorite things and a few come to mind, St pauls comes to mind. It is a Cathedral in Downtown London, built by the architect Wren, who inspected it from time to time when it was being built. It is beautiful, gold leafing, huge dome ceilings, just beautiful. My favorite part of this trip was going to the top, we climbed stairs forever and at the very top we walked out and got the best view London has to offer. It was worth every last stair and being terribly afraid of heights!

Another was our trip to Stourhead, this is a beautiful Gardens, it is seen in the new version of Pride and Predjudice. It was Beautiful. In the middle is this lake that was man made and very beautiful. So needless to say it was breathtaking. the point of stourhead is that it is an estate and the bigger it was the more weathly you were and this was one of the largest we saw. One really cool thing I saw was a church that worshipped in for a long time and it was one of those moments standing there I came to appreciate the beliefs others hold. I could appreciate and understand the beauty and nature it had to offer, people worshipped God here, they loved God and though their beliefs may have differed from mine they worshipped the same God and he loved them as much as he loved me. It is an experience I will always be grateful for.

Among other trips I think of our trips to Scotland and Paris. They both seemed so fun, minorly dramatic ususally because something happened where we made them so, but so amazing. Our trip to Scotland took us on a bus to liverpool, the lake distict, Scotland, York, Bakewell, and back to London, very cool places like the docks in Liverpool where I became very grateful to my ancestors for giving up their lives for their God, lakeside where I spent part of my evening thinking praying by myself in the dark on the lake dock, and Edinburgh, doing Ghost tours with Dr Wrathall and his son. This trip is so full of fond and precious memories. France is a world of it's own. I got hit on by men there and no one else had that problem, why me? The eiffel tower, the beautiful Louvre with the Mona Lisa to the Sewer Musuem, what a trip! I will always look back and think about the amazing things I learned about myself and those who I made friends with.

Last but not looked over is how I feel about London! It is my home away from home. Gertrude Stein said "America is my country but Paris is my home town", somehow I feel like that about London. I feel very normal there. It is weird how that works, but it does. London has so much to offer, so many types of culture, people from everywhere, good food, theatre, art, Big Ben and so much more! I Love it there.

Well I think that is it for this post, thanks for reliving the fun memories, I hoped you loved them as much as I did! For now Adieu!