Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Office

For all those who know me, I am a workaholic I work like alot. This means my social life is like non-existent. AKA dead! haha. But that is okay because I get so entertained! See my two co-workers Brian and Noami are Hilarious! We spend our days working at ASAP we call association offices and do a lot of talking, and much more laughing. Cameron, our boss often talks of writing down the things that happen and starting a reality TV show, it would be a hit, we would do things much like we do now, telling jokes, playing pranks, and a lot of laughing. Today for instance they put paper on the inside of my water bottle so that when I drank out it nothing came out, I fell for this twice no, no telling how many times this is going to happen.

We have this Quote wall that has all the funny things we say, and there are all sorts of funny things on this wall, no telling who will say what next, kind of one of those candid moments kind of things. I enjoy this, though I am probably quoted the most, from the things I say about the football players and their nice pants, to innkeepers instead of inn owners. Oh well so goes life.

My other job is the telefund. Also a lot of fun, we do great things for BYU, BYU-H, and LDSBC, you may ask what? Well call alumni and get money for student scholarships, programs, and buildings. I have worked there for about 6 years and literally worked with a ton of people. I love it there. It is so much fun there. We have theme weeks, this week Indiana Jones week, and pizza and sandwich parties and much more. I have a whole bunch of co-workers and it is a lot of fun. My college career would not have been the same without my experience as funder! The few the proud, the Funders!

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