Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Sun is shining!!!

Good Afternoon Darlings!!

The sun is shining, the sky is very blue, and it makes my inner child want to come out!! I loved days like this when I was a kid! The only thing that would stop me and the neighborhood kids from running amuck was out mandatory afternoon reading time. Boy was I always flustered to say goodbye to my friends for a few short hours before I went inside to pick up my books.

Other times as a kid I remember what our favorite activity was to run through the sprinklers as we tried to beat the awful heat! We would get all wet, we would spray eachother, and play silly games! We also would ride our bikes, scooters, wagons, skates, and roller blades around our cul-da-sac for hours. We even would climb the trees and hide! It was so fun.

My inner child is screaming out to have a water fight, eat ice cream cones, run amuck, play kickball, soccer, football, and most importantly enjoy the sun on my face.

Monday, June 20, 2011

wHO i Am!

Hey Readers!! Hope you are all doing fantastic!!

Have you ever thought about the random things that make someone who they are? I have. I love the little quirks, I love to ask a gazillion questions, I love to watch them, see their bedrooms, and know hear their thoughts? Why well that is the only way to truly understand them!! So I thought today I would share a random lists of who I am!!

1- My room looks like a hurricane ran through it!! Truly it does, I tell myself on an almost daily basis that I need to clean, but I find that my room reflects my life, if it is a disaster you know I feel lost, and disorganized in my life too!!

2- I eat all the toppings off of a slice of Pizza, cheese, pepperoni, ham, pineapple. Yup I have to eat the toppings off before I can eat the crust! Weird I know. But I also do it with cake!!

3- I could read all night long! I love to read. I read all sorts of books. My habit of reading all night started in high school, and I would read love stories until they were done!! I can't put a book down in the thick of the plot!

4- I am a romantic at heart. I dream of him coming and sweeping me off my feet, just like Jane Austin heroins.

5- If I could live anywhere I would live in London England! I lived there for four months in college and I literaly fell in love. I love the crowds, all going a million different directions. I even love that in a big city you can be all by yourself even if you are with millions of people.

6- I tell lots of people I love them. But just cause I say it alot doesn't mean I don't mean  it. I love people, and sharing it vocally is a way to express it!

7- I also hug lots of people. It is another way to show how much I care.

8- I love coloring books and crayons. My favorite things to do is to lay under the Christmas Tree with the twinkling lights and color a book.

9- I never went to prom, I always wanted to go, and if given the opportunity I would take it in a minute.

10- My favorite vegetable is fresh cut broccoli. I could eat it everyday.

11- I also could eat eggs everyday! I love them fried, scrambles, in omlets, with cheese, hard boiled, in egg salad sandwiches, on salads. I think you get the idea.

12- I saved my dog from off the street. He was wet, and sad. He sleeps on my floor, sometimes I sing to him.

13- I want to get married and have lots of babies. I want a house full!

14- I am going back to school to be a school teacher. I think it will be a great way to influence others lives.

15- When I die I don't want to be forgotten.

16- My favorite colors are purple and orange. I almost always am drawn to orange.

17- I thought I wanted to be a lawyer, then a business exec. Turns out both ideas bored me to death!

18- I studied Philosophy in college, my favorite two topics, religion and existentialism.

19- I learned how to play piano as an adult. I love to sit and play for fun, however practice is more like a chore!

20- People who I meet for the first time, often tell me their stories. My friend teased me that I was nosy, but I told you people just tell me things. I am not sure why or how it works but it does.

21- I love music, especially lyrics. I find often I can connect with it, or it expresses how I feel. When I am depressed I listen to depressing music, ones that resinate with my soul.

22- I love that music and smells give me instant recall. My favorite smell is the after smell of a fresh smoked cigarette, mostly because it reminds me of what it smelled like everyday when I lived in England, I often find myself on a corner in London with that smell.

23- I say things often before I think about it. I tend to offend people or say things others find dirty or funny but do not realize it came across that way.

24- I have never been kissed, yup it is true. I could just kiss someone and get it over with but I don't just want to give it away. Besides I want to have a foot popping kiss, like in the movies. I also want to kiss in the rain, sure it is wet, but it sure is romantic!

25- Remember I am a romatic at heart!

26- I love the oceans, I especially like to look into the depths while wondering what gigantic creatures are swimming beneath me. I also want to swim with dophins and see the largest whale!!

27- My dream since I was little was to see everything great in the world. It all started while studying the pyramids. I want to see all of Europe, Egypt, the African Safari. Pretty much everything cool about the world we live in.

28- I also want to be an astronaut. I guess Obama killed the dream.

29- When I was a teenager I spent hours learning about black holes, and stars, and other galaxies. Also I learned how a rocket works, and I loved watching October Sky. I would have loved to see sputnik.

30- I love the stars, I love that no matter where you are in the world we all see the same stars. To know that their light has passed through space for so long just to shine down on me. I also love the moon. I would look at the moon and find hope that it shines over the people I love and that we can share in the same thing.

31- I know hopless romantic.

32- I love M&M's, but only the orginal kinds, you know regular M&M's and Peanut M&M's, oh and of course Peanut Butter M&M's. I even remember when there was a light brown M&M!!

33- The best chocolate found to man is in Europe. The Chocolate made in the USA is not real chocolate.

34- I love ice cream cones. Yes even as a full grown adult I get ice cream cones and strawberry ice cream at the store, come home and make an ice cream cone. It takes me back to being a kid on a hot summer morning, I would sit on the stairs by the door in the shade and love the cool breeze and eat my ice cream.

35- I might be a tad sentimental.

36- The perfect way to spend a rainy day is in my PJ's with a warm blanket and a good book. I also like to play in the rain.

37- I love Christmas. I seriously love it. I like to get presents, but the real reason is I love to give gifts. I go over board every year. I spend to much on everyone. But the joy I find in giving to others in priceless for me. I love to watch the eyes light up, the smiles, and sometimes even tears. I seriously shop until Christmas Eve. Not because I have to but because I love to!!

38- I love to sleep. I love PJ's, I love soft beds with a lot of covers. I love it all!! The only bad part of sleep is having to wake up and get out of bed! haha

So welcome to the world and mind of Keri!! Hope you all learned more about me, about my thoughts!! If you have questions, feel free to ask, I might just share!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Brick Wall

I'm Back!!!
So I took a break, a sabbatical, writers block, call it what you want. Really I wasn't sure what to write about. It wasn't as if my life isn't crazy busy!! Between life, work, and family when I get to bed at night I feel like I finally have some me time, but am so tired I fall right to sleep!! Anyways.

Have you ever felt more then one thing at once? For instance for me as of late I have felt this need to get out, do something different, go someplace not here, away. But at the same time I am feeling really sentimental for a life I thought I would live. It hit me like a brick wall and there doesn't seem to be a window, door, or even a little mouse hole that will let me escape? Maybe the two are inseparably connected? I am not sure but I think they might be.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Oh Happy Days

This blog I have been reading is giving away a free trip for two to Paris!!! Check it out!!

Her blog is great!! Enjoy reading!!