Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Sun is shining!!!

Good Afternoon Darlings!!

The sun is shining, the sky is very blue, and it makes my inner child want to come out!! I loved days like this when I was a kid! The only thing that would stop me and the neighborhood kids from running amuck was out mandatory afternoon reading time. Boy was I always flustered to say goodbye to my friends for a few short hours before I went inside to pick up my books.

Other times as a kid I remember what our favorite activity was to run through the sprinklers as we tried to beat the awful heat! We would get all wet, we would spray eachother, and play silly games! We also would ride our bikes, scooters, wagons, skates, and roller blades around our cul-da-sac for hours. We even would climb the trees and hide! It was so fun.

My inner child is screaming out to have a water fight, eat ice cream cones, run amuck, play kickball, soccer, football, and most importantly enjoy the sun on my face.

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Robin said...

sounds like a wonderful childhood with fun neighbors! your post makes me want to go do all those things.