Friday, July 22, 2011


Hey Readers! And yes, it is one of those days!

It is finally friday! And this week is coming to a close. I could not be more greatful. I have been working on a course so I could go back to school in January! It has been so much work, and so much stress for the last three weeks! But I did it and I got a B! Yeah!

It has been a long few weeks though with little to no concentration left the last two days. I am glad it is done. So what am I doing for school in January? I am going to be a school teacher! Here is to hopefully having a sucessful long career!

Oh and lovelies, have a fun weekend!

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Unknown said...

I think you will make a GREAT teacher! Good decision work hard stick with it and you will be well on your way in no time! HUGS~ Crystal