Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Hey lovelies!

Ever felt sentimental for things you love the most? That is how I am feeling today. I have been thinking a lot about school, and I realized how much I miss it. The smell of new clothes when school is about to start, the smell of textbooks, fresh paper and even crayons have always been some of my favorite smells since I was a kid. I loved going back to school shopping. It meant new everything. The things from last year were worn out, well used and broken, it was like a fresh start for a new year.

speaking of new school years my favorite time of year is the fall. as kids get ready to head back to school the weather starts to change from the hot summer, where everyone wears shorts and t-shirts to wearing jeans and jackets. I love the smell of the fall. It smells cooler, the leaves as they change from green to vivid colors are some of my favorite things. I love the rich fall cooking, chili's, soups, cornbread. I love the storms in the fall where it will rain everyday. Just thinking about it makes my heart long for the fall this year. I am going to love it, spend as much time possible just enjoying it. I can't wait.

Fall weather reminds me of my time in England, both times really. But when I lived there I remember some of my favorite ways to celebrate fall started there. Late night rain storms left the streets wet and clean from all the foot traffic of the preceding day. The spilled drinks, cigarette butts all swept away in the down pour. I would wake up in my room and look out the window first thing every morning. I loved that room, always cool enough to sleep comfortably, and space from everyone when I needed it. I loved it so much. The walks in the Parks, the late night running around town on the tube, walks near the Thames. I have had this longing to go back, to see my favorite things, reminisce old memories, even have new adventures. I think often of the promise I make myself when I am there on Westminster bridge over looking the very first stop on my first days there. I love that town and I promise myself there overlooking the Thames that I am coming back. Coming back to the place where my heart is. I leave it there because that is the place I will find it again. A place where new adventures await, people to meet, good things to eat, Starbucks steamers to drink. They are all there in my favorite place in the whole world. I would trade the mountains of home for the one place in the world where I felt I belonged, where I felt at home.

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