Friday, August 5, 2011


Morning Lovelies-

Every had your brain so full of different thoughts that your mind is going a million miles an hour. You know that brain dead feeling you get shortly after, well that is how I feel. You may now be asking yourselves, what could she possibly be thinking about? Well here is the random list!

School, it starts in January for me. Sooo much to do between now and then. I need to apply for scholarships, I need to get out of debt, I need to sign up for classes, take a tech test, get finger printed, and the list goes on and on. I wonder sometimes how I will have time to do all this! But I have to do it!!

Having fun before school starts. School will be great but I will be working full time, and part time, going to school full time and studying. I fully expect to have no life when school gets back in. So I want to have fun now. A friend and I will be taking a cruise in October, My mom and I are going on a short trip to St George in a couple weeks. But what am I going to do with myself!

A scrap booking project! Yeah I love to scrapbook!

Missing my world expeditions! I love to go other places, see other cultures. I believe by doing this you understand more about other people and yourself that you wouldn't understand without doing so. I miss it so much. I want to go to London, Paris, Norway, Latuerbrunnen in the Swiss Alps, and so many other cool places!!

I am wishing it were fall already! I know it is crazy asking time to speed up when I have so much to do but man how I want it to be fall. I love everything about it. Last years fall was a hard time for me, alot had happened I didn't enjoy it but this year will be different.

I want love! I want to fall in love, I want some handsome man to sweep me off my feet and take care of me. I feel ready for the next set of adventures, I wish it would happen sooner as right now it is not happending at all!!

Plus much, much, more!! I know it would wear you our to think about this! It wears me out!! I am usually so ready for bed when I crawl into it at night! But the next day comes so fast and it is back to the Grind!!

What gets you thinking? Well that is all today! Have a fantastic weekend!!

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