Monday, June 13, 2011

Brick Wall

I'm Back!!!
So I took a break, a sabbatical, writers block, call it what you want. Really I wasn't sure what to write about. It wasn't as if my life isn't crazy busy!! Between life, work, and family when I get to bed at night I feel like I finally have some me time, but am so tired I fall right to sleep!! Anyways.

Have you ever felt more then one thing at once? For instance for me as of late I have felt this need to get out, do something different, go someplace not here, away. But at the same time I am feeling really sentimental for a life I thought I would live. It hit me like a brick wall and there doesn't seem to be a window, door, or even a little mouse hole that will let me escape? Maybe the two are inseparably connected? I am not sure but I think they might be.

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Hip Heiner Fun said...

Something will come along when it is suppose to that will get you though that wall. LOVES!