Monday, August 16, 2010

Nope you missed it again!~~

Hello there blogsphere, I am here again!!

So I have some much deeper thoughts to add to my blog today. I came across an article written about mormon ads the church are releasing recently. Their point being that we are normal people who live normal lives. We have ambition, goals and we strive to reach. I continued to read through many of the comments made by readers, and it saddened me to read them. Mostly because the useless attacks against the church, our beliefs and things that those who were making the comments do not understand.

I have spent a great deal of time thinking about this, maybe I shouldn't but I do. Not that I have doubts, it is just the readers understood so little of church. And what we really do believe. I was at my brothers wedding the following day and the person who married my brother to his dear wife reminded me of the truth to the reasons why we do some things. Yes I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I take Christ's name upon me and I try to be as Christ like as I can, knowing there are times I fall short. I want people who know me to know him because they know me. Yes I wear what people refer to as "Magic Underwear" and no there is nothing magic about them. It is an outward reminder to myself of the committment I made to follow God's commandments, and the blessings that I can recieve in return for being obedient.
It is not for others to criticize religion, and beliefs. I came from a long line of Mormon members. I was raised in the faith. Having said that I am not closed minded to new ideas, God teaches us all in ways that only the individual and God can understand. I don't critizise those around me for believing in things I do not, because they believe in the same God I do for the most part, they have a relationship with him as I do, and most importantly they are his children and he desires their success here as he does mine.

Yes we are seen as peculiar people. No I do not drink, No I do not smoke or do drugs. Yes I go to church on Sunday, Yes I believe in a Prophet on the earth who leads us much the early apostles, does it not make sense that the restored church of God would be in the same order as his early church? Yes I am a member of the church, yes you might think I am odd, but I know now I am a child of God, and that he has a plan for me and all of my brothers and sisters on this earth. To be honest, that is the best news of all, having a bad day, remember in the scheme of things this little event doesn't matter, and there is something better!!

So am I afraid of saying loud and proud who I am no!! My name is Keri, I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints! The spirit has confirmed to me that what I believe is true! Yes Joseph Smith was a prophet, and a man, men sometimes make mistakes. His desire to know the truth and the resulting Gospel restoration is not one of them! I believe in a living prophet now on this earth. His words are the words of God and I need to follow them! I believe in Christ, in the Atonement he made for me, I can be forgiven of my sins through my Savior. I know he lives, he is a resurrected being, who came to earth to do just that, atone for all mankind. Yes I do believe the bible is true, but only as far as it was translated correctly and not just as man wants to make what man does right. I also believe in the Book of Mormon, and yes it is another testiment of our Savior. It's words are pure, and touch my heart. They speak of truth and of the love of God. I do not want to condemn other because they do not believe what I do, I do however want to share with them what they do not know. It will make a difference in their lives, I know it did mine!