Monday, August 9, 2010


Here I am again, My blog has not disappeared in the vast universe of blogs yet, so I begin to write again!

First my friend, Carolina, and I went to get pedicures on friday. I must jump on a soap box for a moment in time, Do you know how dirty those tubs are? A long time ago I saw a special on how things like foot fungus are spread through getting pedicures!!! can I say gross!! So I Have never gotten one before. Anyways I digress. On our way dinner we passed this church, and on the sign outside it said, ATM INSIDE, as if this was a perk. I have spent much time thinking on this.

Do they proclaim to give forgiveness by paying for your sins with money? Does this not take away the very purpose of a Savior? This church's name included the Savior so I must think that they teach of our Savior. Do they take away his purpose of his life? Also Can man really forgive sins or is that left up to God? Our Savior stepped in as our intercessor, he doesn't grant forgiveness, he merely made it possible that we can recieve it. The price was paid, not with money, but with a life. Do we take that foregranted? I have spent a great deal of time using the atonement for my own mistakes, misdeeds and also for my trials as it's purpose is broad and covers all the needs of mankind. I hope and pray that I do not take for granted the life my Savior freely gave out of love for myself and mankind. But that I pray it gratitude that it is enough to pay the price for me.

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