Friday, August 6, 2010

Strange Thoughts!

So I am re-entering the world of blogging, we will see how long this lasts for!! Wish me luck!

Today however I want to focus on strange thoughts, you know how sometimes you will just be sitting there and a thought will occur that leads to another, and then another? All along you wonder how did one lead to another as they are neither inter-related, nor mean anything in the long run? Well these are some for me!

Does any dirt ever taste good? At lunch yesturday my co-worker, my boss, and I went to lunch. He ate or attempted to eat a sauteed eggplant, he spit it out saying it tasted like dirt and not like good dirt, so I ponder and repeat my question, does any dirt ever taste good?

Another one does time fly or just get faster as you get older? Waiting for certain events to happen as a child always seemed like it took forever. Christmas took all year to get here!! But as of recently I am realizing how fast time seems to go these days and if I don't take care and use my time wisely it was sqaundered and can never be used again. Time was something I thought I had a ton of until two years later passed and I am scratching my head wondering where it went and have I become a better person?

I often think of interesting things like what came first the chicken or the egg? Do people see that tree the way I see it? I see the shoe as red does everyone else? I often wonder our brains are all wired differently to see things differently to understand things differently, to comprehend things different, and most importantly to experience the world differently. So I often wonder how does that effect the things we think, believe, the way we understand and view the world. I think our memories, our experiences all are based off our brains coming to understanding the world around us in a way that makes sense to us all. How incredible then is the brain and the ability it has to connect thoughts and memories with experiences we have. Basically the point is that the brain is incredible, but still no one knows, what came first, the chicken or the egg?

Why does Elmers Paste Glue smell so good? Remember when we were kids and the teachers would get a big container of this glue and we would use popcicle sticks to spread it? It always smelled good to me, still does, it brings back fond memories of art projects and crayons! Never fear readers I was not a glue eater, and no I did not inhale!! haha okay but in all seriousness how is it that smells remind us of some of the best memories, smells and music always bring me back to happy times, picnics, first loves, new loves, nights under the stars all the beautiful things in the world!! Who new Elmers Glue!

Have you ever spent time starring at the stars? I love the stars, when I was a little girl I would sleep outside ocassionally when I would wake up in the middle of the night I would be in awe of the beauty found by the sheer number of stars. I would try to count them,(Keep in mind I was like 5) and I would never be successful in getting too many just because there are too many. Have you ever wondered how many there are? Does it ever make you wonder in awe that God can number the stars in the sky? Often the skies would make me feel so small so insignificant, and yet so captivated because I knew it was created for me, and if God would create it all for me, and if he could number the stars then he has to know me and I am not as insignificant as I thought! Next time you are out at night take a moment look up at the stars and remember that is all for you

You know how sometimes people give you too much information? Like you are standing in line at the supermarket and the guy infront of you tells you about his less then active love life? Or how the lady next door tells you about how violently ill she was? Why do we as human beings have this desire to share so much information? I am not sure? I do it all the time, I tell someone too much and I am never sure why I do it, I just do. So the next time you or I think about telling the neighbor about something that could be considered TMI we might want to think twice!

Okay I think that is all for now, but until later remember to gaze at the starz and think before you speak!!

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