Sunday, June 2, 2013

New Way in begins a new week

Hey friends!!

I am so excited to begin a new week! I felt like last week was one of those weeks were I just trudged through, every step was hard, eating or should I say not eating was harder. I feel really excited that today is a new week. I am recommitting myself to my diet. I will be better. I did okay even though my eating was bad, I think part of what saved me was that I got off my toosh and did more! I am so glad I did. I think it helped to pay off. I promise I will reveal the weightloss in a minute. A couple of notes first.

First on side effects. I have spent the last week on the higher dose of Qsymia. I had headaches and was super tired for the first couple of days. But that has pretty much worn off now. I noticed a little tingling in my face and had hoped I had gotten away with no tingling in my feet. But I was wrong. I got some tingling in my feet today. Not too bad very tolerable. It was horrible before so this is okay. But beaware that it does happen and can be very uncomfortable. Second I had my first time my body couldn't process the fats I was eating. Let's just keep this G rated and say to keep fats under control. I haven't eaten out a ton or eaten much fried food but I over did it with some cheese today and learned my lesson, enough said.

On another note. For those who are wondering the dinner tonight was a bust. I didn't even need to let the concerns be there cause he was not the kind of person I would be attracted to. I always thought living on farm could be fun, but this girl is a city girl and though I wouldn't mind living in a smaller city or town I do not want to marry a farmer. I learned (a long time ago) I need someone who can hold a conversation about something other than food, someone who wants to talk, and someone who is at least as out going as me. None of which I found tonight. I feel like ranting a bit about recognizing that match making is about a whole person, and that the match tonight didn't leave me with much dignity but I will leave it be because I spent the whole night trying to not think about it.

So even though I struggled I am grateful for the weightloss for this week. Heavenly Father helped me come out on top. I lost another 2 pounds this week for a total of 11 pounds so far!! Yeah I reached my first 10 pounds!! 9 more to my first goal and 4 weeks to get there!! wish me luck! I can do it!!

Thanks for the love and support, I cannot tell you enough how much I need and appreciate it because it definately changes and encourages me!!


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