Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Good Eating, Emotional Days

Hello my darlings,

I hope you are all doing so fantastic! I hope you have set goals and are reaching outside yourself to reach them!! So like my title says I have been doing my part. I have been eating really well. So well infact that today I didn't get enough to eat before dinner and I had a major headache until I ate. I thought I had done much worse, but I guess I really hadn't. I am not very good at counting my calories. When I put together I mean I guestamate (I know not a word) by using a bunch of low caloried items to make up my meals, all together they end up around a normal meal for most people. So yeah. I am mostly working on seeing what a normal serving size looks like, and I spent a lot more time trying to recognize my own full signals, I haven't been aware of those for so long that they are really difficult to understand. So yeah. I am working on it. I did feel one major gain tonight. I could feel myself begin to feel somewhat full. Little signals were hitting my brain. My eyes and my stomach kept saying it could finish but I put more than half my food away for another meal and I felt really good about the win. I am happy with it.

I have had some emotional ups and downs the last couple of days. And I know some of my eating habits in the past have led me to binging during these emotional times, making me a clear emotional eater. I tried really hard to avoid my regular pitfalls and I feel really good about my choices this week. I really hope it pays off this week.

Thanks for all  your love and support, I definitely need as much as I can get!!

Love you!


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Courtney said...

good for you to start recognizing those signs.. and even better for stopping and putting the rest away for later... I think that is a struggle for everyone!! love ya girl!