Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rough Few Days

Hey friends!

I hope you are all doing okay! I am doing good, life is ok, definately no complaints. I will give you a quick update as there is not much to say before going onto someon other things I have been thinking about. So this week hasn't been the best. I have definately be struggling thing week more than the last couple weeks. It has nothing to do with not wanting to do well or feeling like I want to give up, it is just that sometimes it feels hard, for instance Monday was a holiday, yesturday I just felt like eating and had too many sweets and today was well today. So yeah. I cannt let myself feel guilty or I feel that makes it worse but that is where it is at.

So today was my cousin's funeral. I have been thinking alot about life, and about how Heavenly Father has a plan for all his children. This plan is not exclusive to those who are obeying the commandments or who are members of one church or another but all his children. I think when it comes to his plan for all of us there is an easy and a harder way to get to that destination, I think difference is the journey we take. I spent a great deal of time thinking about this because my cousin had his own deamons, and sometimes the road was hard for him, but he had a testimony, he believed in his Father in Heaven's love, and he was incredibly charitable. I think all of us sometimes choose the easy part of the journey and sometimes we choose the hard part of the path to get back to him. What is still eluding my mind and understanding is how to see the journey so I can see the easier path. I think we learn a great deal from our struggles, from our mistakes, and from our regrets, but I think that some of those things never needed to happen in the first place, what I still want to understand is how to skip the struggles and choices that, though we learn from them, make our paths more difficult than need be. I am grateful today for the Atonement, for my Savior and that he Atoned for my sins, that he felt my struggles, worries, concerns, and afflicitions that they may be light.

Have a great night!

love you


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Courtney said...

It's okay that you have been struggling, losing weight is not easy.. and eating healthy is not easy either... I think its totally fine to indulge a little.. just not every day... I used to go and get a treat every night... I can see how I gained my weight... Then I started doing Insanity and it says to eat clean and no sugar... well I was doing alright until Mother's day, where they give all the moms chocolate... ugh!! I wanted it sooo bad, but I waited 3 days to decide whether to eat it or not... I did eat it.. and I didn't feel guilty... I had been working so hard to eat well and working out like crazy I felt I deserved it... I think we all deserve something sweet sometimes... you just have to know when to stop... that is key for me! I love you so much! I am so glad your sharing your journey!! Your helping me stay motivated!! I love you girl! Just remember tomorrow is another day.. and keep that in mind stay positive with yourself.. and if you slip up then just start back over..thats the best you can do!!