Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Hey friends!

So I have been feeling frustrated and for no real reason, I am not eating anymore, things are good with school and work and I don't know, I just can't exlain it, but today I looked up something I saw in the headlines a couple days ago and found inspiration at a man who lived to few years but was many years my experience, maturity, though younger in age I am sure his spirit is old and very wise. He was diagnoised with a rare form of bone cancer and died after it spead. He decided to live life instead of morn and I am inspired by the life he lived, this is my report for you all tonight. Both video's are worth watching, please do, even if you work or do something else while listening. It is worth it, trust me!

This is his recent popular hit, it is catchy and reminds me that life is good and when we are down we can always get back up!

Love you all very much, thanks for your love and support, pray for this sweet family that they can find peace. This is why I am greatful families are forever!

Love you


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Carolina said...

I watched those videos on Monday. Totally made my cry because his spirit is so good.