Monday, May 20, 2013

Good Week and Great Weekend!!

Hey Friends!!

First, thanks for the support. It is easier when you feel like you have people who are cheering you on! So thanks!. I took the weekend off from posting, mostly cause I don't get to my computer often during the weekend. So this weekend was really good. I ate more calories but this was good cause I haven't been reaching my calories. I went to my niece and nephew's 2nd Birthday party and felt I did so well at not eating and came away feeling good with myself. 
Yesterday I made my first batch of Quinoa and I think it turned out well. I cooked it with corn, broccoli, onion, parsley, garlic, and some lemon and lime juice. It tastes good and I am happy with it. I figured out for two cups of it I will get about 288 calories! Not bad if I say so myself! 
Yesterday was a really good day, I went to church and the speakers spoke on having hope for our lives. It was what I needed to hear. We don't always see the path Heavenly Father has us on but he does and at a fireside with Barbara Thompson last night she told us that he does know our path, he has a plan and he will make it work. I have to continue to have faith and hope that I am on his path and he will lead me in the direction I need to grow and become what I need to in order to return to live with him. I love to be spiritually fed and I was ready to be yesterday. 
So the news you are all waiting to hear is how did I do? How did my first week pan out? Well I lost my first.... 7 pounds! yeah!! I am so excited! Here is to another good week.



Courtney said...

Yay Keri!! Congrats on the loss as well as doing well at the birthday party, I feel like sometimes that is the hardest part..but if you can do good with family at a celebration then that is awesome! I am so proud of you... and I am so glad about what you posted about church.. uplifted me too, helped me remember that Christ does know what path we are headed on and what we are going to do with your lives!! love you and good luck with this week!

Amanda said...

Congrats, Keri! Keep up the hard work.