Friday, October 7, 2011

The World is Waiting!

Good afternoon lovelies!!

How are you all doing? So I have been thinking alot about where my life is going and what I am doing. I know I am going to school to be an elementary school teacher starting in January. With this program they have a study abroad program where I can live in New Zealand for a whole semester. I want to go on that so bad!! The world feels like it is waiting for me to bust free, climb on a plane and explore.

I feel however that it is not coming fast enough, the time to explore. And not just the study abroad I want to go on, but also the other adventures I feel looming in my heart and soul and I cannot reach them. I have expressed enough for you all to know that I have a love for everything English, including England itself. My time there was magical and in a weird way I felt more at home there then I ever have here. It was strange that on my way home from that time I spent living there that my two separate lives crashed into one. It was strange to me to hop on a plane that morning, leave all the beautiful tall skyscrapers, the busy streets, the tube with it's mind the gap signs, and find myself in the city I grew up in, with it's tall and looming mountains covered in snow, with Christmas right around the corner. I never felt so sad to come home.

Right now the burn in my heart and soul is to go back. I don't feel like my time is over yet, like I am done seeing the world. Like I am supposed to. I feel like there is more adventure out there for me, like I am supposed to go. It is hard to fight this feeling, it is hard to keep perspective when all I think about it how much I miss London, how much I miss traveling. I know I am supposed to start school again, all the right doors opened at the right time, I finished my application and felt peace about what I still needed to do. But fighting the urge to get on a plane right now is hard. I know I need to wait but wait for what exactly I do not know!!

When I was a little girl I used to run down the street to the playground to play, I loved the park I would go whenever I could. Now as an adult I feel like I need to run to the playground to play, but the park is no longer big enough for this girl, no the world has become my playground!!

Do you ever feel this way? Like there is more to life then what you are living right now?

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Anonymous said...

There's 2 whole months before January. That's plenty of time to get arrested in a foreign country (or even a different state)...