Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Hey Lovelies!

Hope you are all doing fantastic! Guess what??? I know can you believe it!!! The fall isn't just coming anymore, it is finally here!. The leaves on the mountains are chaning to their bright fall colors, the weather is so nice, with great tempratures, great big beautiful blue sky, and I love it. I love the fall I always wanted to get married in the fall, fall in love, walking hand in hand as leaves fall off the trees. It smells nice, it is nice, it is colorful and beautiful, and I love the fall!! The only downside snow is coming too sooon!! NOOOO please don't snow, I need the fall to last through Thanksgiving!

Speaking of the fall the yesturday I saw this really great postcard for Disneyland. It showed all the fun of the fall they have there and I thought to myself, Self I want to go to disneyland, who would go with me? I don't know but I really want to go, someone out there want to enjoy the magic of Disney?

Last note, I spoke to him yesturday before he left for home. I was surprised to notice how little anxiety or butterflies I felt. We are friends which makes me super happy, and I know I definately don't have feelings for him. Things are good and I couldn't be happier that things wrapped themselves up so nicely.

Again one big horray for the fall!! Also who wants to go to haunted houses???

Love ya!

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