Friday, September 16, 2011


Good afternoon lovelies!

Have you ever felt the blues for no particular reason at all? I feel irritable and not sad but not happy either. It feels like I shouldn't be feeling this way either. Maybe the real word for how I feel is lonely. It is weird to feel like this, it is beautiful outside, work is going well. It is my favorite time of year and football season has started. I have plenty of blessings to be grateful for and yet for the better part of a week I feel lonely and kind of stuck. Like school isn't coming soon enough, like I need a change and I don't know what it is, like I need someone to be me so I have someone to talk to, get advice, and give me a big hug while I let myself cry on my shoulder. I am feeling like I want to date with no real prospects, and lets face it most guys don't see beyond skin deep and there are too many pretty fish in this sea. I am kind a Debbie downer today, I know and forgive me. I just feel out of sorts.

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Katie Rich said...

Sorry you are feeling down. It is probably hard working through the feelings of expectations (from previous posts). Hope things look up this week!