Thursday, October 20, 2011

Love Waits

Good Afternoon Lovelies!

Have you ever thought about love? I mean not the word or being in love, but feeling love, and your ability to give love. This has been a recent thought of mine. I love people, I love to tell others I love them and to show them love through touch, hugs, kisses, and tickles. But my ability to give others love isn't the same as being in love with someone.

I say that because of inner reflection on myself and my life. There is a freedom in knowing your heart is your own again, to give and take as you please. But the giving of your heart is hard, it takes trust, trust that the one you give it to will not break it. I gave my heart, willingly to someone that I thought would love forever. I hoped it wouldn't end like it did. And though now I see why it happened, not that he didn't care for me like I did him, but he changed and I changed. Those two long years were ones that gave me hope and faith in my future and God's plan for me. With that said and knowing I am over him it doesn't mean I am ready to run out my door and give my love to the next guy that comes along.

In fact since discovering that I am over him I haven't really looked at all. The pain of the last year haven't left my memory, or my heart since it began. I was thinking about this because I realized there is no one. I mean I want to date but that is a far cry from dating one person exclusively. In the past when I let someone go in my heart it took time to heal, but this feels like this time it has lasted extraordinarily long. So comes my conclusion of late, a person may no longer be in love with someone, but it doesn't mean they or their heart are ready to be given to someone else. It seems that getting over someone and having your heart heal are to exclusive parts of moving on.


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