Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Now That is Just S.A.D.

Every year the story is the same. The Jolly old man himself has hardly dashed away on his sleigh and what should take the place of the holiday joy that filled the shelves? Why of course the plush bears in bright pinks and reds, fake roses filled with cheap chocolate, and those tubs full of tacky message hearts. The season of love has arrived.

The blissful couples unaware of the world around them, worry about the perfect gift to exchange over a romantic, and crowded Valentines Dinner, hoping that their plush tiger show their expressions where words fall short. But what of the other half of the population, those who are not in a blissful relationship, those who are quite frankly aware of the world, and most importantly their lack of love?

What does this holiday of hearts and cupid offer them? Well I am not sure about the rest of you but this holiday is like the world screaming "YOU ARE STILL SINGLE" or "NO LOVE FOR YOU"! Every box of chocolates on the store isles represents a pound added to my lovely toosh, and those chalky conversation hearts? Well how about a good game of trashcan basketball! Because today is Singles Awareness Day and it is SAD!

I remember how S.A.D. began the days of girls coming up with thick plots of how to capture the heart of her prince charming she had her heart on for a while. After all she didn't want to have another day like this one, hiding under her covers, with that big box of chocolates and cuddling with the roses she sent herself. No next year she will have him. Next year she will be blissfully unaware of the world around her and he will have eyes only for her. So she waits and plans and silently she gets ready to pounce like a lion upon it prey in the Savannah. She goes to the gym (after all she did just eat her weight in chocolate),she learns to cook his favorite meal, and entices him first with his stomach then with her heart. But is it enough? Will she win the heart of the prince charming, will it be hers for a whole year? Does this not seem extreme for one night? One holiday that will come and go as the shelves fill with something to take its place?

For my S.A.D. I plan to rock it, like I never have before. No bemoaning that I am single, wear loud, wear it proud girls!! Find someone special this year, but this February 14th, don't worry about it, don't sweat it, don't send yourself flowers, or eat your weight in chocolate. After all girls, being single may not last forever. One day you will spend every 14th of February waiting three hours for a cold plate of chicken!

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Little Fish Girl said...

The last sentence was PRICELESS. I love it! :) Valentines day never really bothers me - I'm kind of glad to not have the pressure of doing something romantic for anyone.