Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Green Eyes

To the Women with the Green Eyes:

I met you some years ago. I have seen you grow from childhood to adulthood with grace and clumsiness!!There were times I wondered whether you would make it, whether you were strong enough, whether you had the courage to fight your battles to make it. But you always came out on top, and always better for the battle, sometimes worn, sometimes tired but always stronger, always better. Smiling, knowing you conquered the world! Knowing that all you ever wanted would be yours because you could conquer whatever you put your mind to!

I always admired the way you viewed the world. It is yours to conquer, it can beat a person to a pulp but you fight back. You put your mind to something and you attain it. It is a strength few possess, but many should. You always saw the world as your playground, you always wanted to see it all, and not just what was in your own backyard. I love your zest for life.

I love how you occasionally look in the mirror and are shocked that underneath it all you find yourself pretty. Not extra ordinarily beautiful. Just pretty. I love even more that, though occasionally you realize you are pretty, you aren't sucked in by it, you still think yourself a plain Jane. It is nice to know you are not stuck on yourself; worried about what you look like. My favorite feature about you has always been your beautiful green eyes with flecks of brown. They always show the smile on your lips. They are traders in a way though.You can't hide anything behind a smile your eyes give you away. When you are sad inside your eyes give it away.

I also am grateful for the way you have learned to love so deeply. You started learning tough lessons early in life, none impaired you ability to love others the way you should. You love others, you care deeply for their happiness. You listen to their concerns and worries often taking their burdens and carrying them as you do your own. You love deeply, and with loving deeply you also loose hard too. Your heartaches are sad, you struggle with understanding why the love you so freely gave to another is not so freely returned. It hurts, those scars run deep in one's heart, don't ever let the walls build, don't stop loving so deeply, always remember when you love someone other then oneself you get the most out of life!

Your faith is beautiful. You aren't afraid to say you believe in God. I hope your actions always align with your words. Your faith in your Savior, not only as the Atoner but also as the comforter will get you through your struggles. That is important. Don't ever let your faith die. Times get tough and rough, but your faith will get you through. Let it grow, let it be strong, place it where it belongs, where it should be.

Lastly some say the most important word in the dictionary is Remember. It reminds us of who were are, of our stupid mistakes, of where we have come from and where we are going. So always remember, remember who you are, what you want, where you are going. You will find yourself there when you remember 

With Love,
the Women with the Green Eyes

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