Friday, December 10, 2010

Live, Laugh, Love!

Welcome to my super thought highway!!

Today I am thinking about the memories of days gone by, and maybe even yearning to do them all over again!! Last night was a great night! I got to get together with a group of friends who I made the fondest memories with! These people became some of my dearest friends! Last night we got together before my friend Stephanie got married. Talked about how Adam got stuck in a train door in Rome, reminisced about Taylor running to boat yelling policia so the people would move, while Dr Money straddled the Dock and the boat so the guy wouldn't leave Taylor, I remembered the nights spent wondering beautiful cities all over Europe, and most importantly being grateful for wonderful experiences and friends to share them and the memories of them with!

This morning I find myself trying to wish myself there again! To live those memories over again, not changing a thing! It seems so perfect looking back. The late nights, early mornings, burning the candle at both ends really, but it was perfect! Whether it be the underground ghost tours, and being pinned to the wall by the a terrified Vanessa; or jumping from a 3 foot brick wall (my idea of course) and when others worried of getting hurt, me scoffing the idea any one could get hurt jumping from a three foot wall. But you ask who got hurt? Why of course it was me who went tumbling head over heals, down the hill, laughing, wound up with large bruises! But would I do it again? You Bet!! Everything seemed so perfect, even the weather cooperated with our trip! It never rained on our parade! I would do it again in a heart beat.

But today we are all different, some married, some graduated with jobs, some soon to graduate. Those times are gone. New ones instead take their place, new memories to make, new friends to be had. But we take with us things learned from the past, things to being to the new places, new friends, and most importantly in our hearts to permanently stay. For me this experience taught me to love more deeply. I was thrown into a group of people I hardly knew, and in days we became life long friends. We still talk, know about each other, are genuinely interested in each others lives and hoping we find the happiness we all search for. I never experienced this with such a large group of friends. I learned to have faith. You leave all familiar faces, and places and leave for a places you hope to find happiness. I had some doubts, I felt going to Europe on the study abroad was right, but I couldn't shake the doubts, I had to trust God, that he want me there, have faith he would take care of my familiar faces at home, and take care of me where I was. I also had to find faith in my friends, that they would love me, see me, and befriend me like I wanted to them. It was nice to have my faith fulfilled, deeply fulfilled. I learned to have faith in myself. I often let myself believe that there were things i couldn't do. But I could and I can! I found that out climbing the in the beautiful Swiss Alps!

Life is about experiences, you learn to love, you learn to live, you learn that each experience inherently changes who you are as a person, makes you better, makes you stronger, makes you see the world hopefully for the better. You cannot hide from the world, you have to live and experience it! It will change you for the best if you let it make you better! Though I often remember my days of old with fondness I look to the bright new ones with enthusiasm hoping for the good they have in store! And one day to be back in the lovely streets of London and the mountains of Switzerland!

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