Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

Welcome to Thanksgiving Eve!!

I love Thanksgiving, It is my favorite time of year. It is the kick off of the holidays. It is a time to be with family. To be remember all the things we are all so blessed with, and to be grateful for all the things that we should be grateful for everyday! But this day we get to spend more time thinking of those things, telling people what we are grateful for them. remembering how God blesses us all. Truly we are blessed, I am blessed. I am not as grateful nor deserving as I should be. I am grateful.

I love this holiday. I often feel it gets the rip off! I love the beautiful turkey, golden brown freshly taken out of the oven. The way it spreads through a room, making your tummy's growl in anticipation of the glorious meal you are about to partake in! I love sitting around a table with the ones I love, taking in the beauty of their love, the laughter of something funny. I even love how my sweet pup looks up at me longing for a bite off my plate! Thanksgiving has something special to offer. It begins the best time of the year, the time to celebrate the birth and the life of our Savior. Christmas and Thanksgiving have come to mean so much more to me as an adult then it did as a child. As a child I always loved missing school, I loved Santa, and the presents. As an adult I have come to treasure the opportunity to worship this time of year brings, I have come to find that I get more joy in giving then in receiving, and that the time spent with family can be precious! Take the time this Thanksgiving to remind someone you love that you are grateful for them. To thank your maker for the bounteous blessings you receive at his hand, and be reminded of the important things in life that the every day life seems to take away!

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