Sunday, September 5, 2010

Blessed Abundently

Well Good morning, and trust me it is early for me!!

Have you ever had moments in your life when you are more aware then others of the blessings God pours down on you? I had a small reminder of this a couple weeks ago and call it a tender mercy, but I continue to see them. God truly blesses my life abundently, and much more then I deserve as I am not always the person I should be, and do not show the gratitude I should for them.

To name a few, I have a job. I may not always be happy with my job. And I may have taken to having dreams about my job recently, which is a sign of both the turmoil of the way I am stressing about what to do about work, as well as that I probably have worked too much recently. But I am blessed. Not only in the fact that I have a good Job, but that I have been doing well at my job. I scheduled a lot of meeting this month, which means a major bonus for last month which will pay out in the long run. It has been very flexible as well with my recent battles with being sick!

Another I have great friends. Savannah mu best friend has called several times both while I was sick and just to see how I am doing. I have great friends in my ward who love me, who can understand how I feel about life, my confusion, and who relate with my own frustrations. Reminding me I am never alone.

I get the opportunity to work in the temple very week. So if I don't get the chance to make it during the week, I get four glorious hours to serve in peace on Saturday. Though they are busy, I feel peace there, my mind can think clearly and I am grateful for my opportunity to be there.

I have a great family. I sometimes but heads with sister, I get frusturated with them. But who doesn't? We are family, we are all in each others business, We love eachother. I was blessed with the best mom in the world, I have not told her enough. I am so grateful for her strength, her love, her concern. she cares for me more then I will ever understand. But I can know I am grateful for her and I love her so much!!

I got a dog out of the blue? Like seriously, I wasn't looking because it wasn't an option, but he was wondering the streets. I saved him, took him to the shelter. Mom said go get him. So I did. God saw fit to give me a dog and I didn't even ask for it!! Not only that he is the best dog like really. He is good with kids, was potty trained, had him for a year, not one accident in the house yet. Doesn't bark at the neighbors, is just a chill dog. Likes to cuddle and the biggest complaint I have is he likes to sleep on my bed, right in the middle, he takes up an entire queen size bed!! AND he is a little dog!!!

I have a father in Heaven, I am his daughter. He loves me, he shows me by blessing my life abundently. I am so grateful he does. It reminds me in those moments I forget how lucky I am. I complain, I get whiny, and sometimes plain forget my life is blessed with blessing over flowing. I am grateful! So this post is for the big man upstairs! I am grateful. I do remember, usually slowly, and Thanks for the reminder!!

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