Sunday, September 15, 2013

Catching Up!

Hey Lovelies!!

It has been, well a long time. I needed some time to collect my thoughts and take care of me. I have been going up and down and struggling through some things, nothing is clear, but I am in a better place, I feel better about where I am at the moment. So I will give it over to Heavenly Father and let him make of it what it needs to be, what he wants it to be. I will just trust him and for now that has to  be enough. So there were some ups and some downs, some struggles, some disappointments, and they all led to a few ups and downs with my weight loss. I had a couple huge weight loss weeks due to not eating much, pretty much not taking care of me, then a couple weeks of rebalancing out an staying even. I am back to loosing again! 

I am happy to say that I have reached and beat my goal! I have lost as of this week a total of 51 pounds! I am so excited. I met with my physician this week and he is not only supportive and happy with my progress but he also thinks I can do this! I am starting to believe I can and will be successful. So I am working on it, on being successful at reaching my goals! I have set my next goal of another 50 pounds. I am working on my next 50 pounds and what will be my 100 pound mark. I am so excited to have my first fifty pounds behind me. I am looking forward to the next, I think it will continue to help me progress.

I have been thinking a lot about the struggle that is left with loosing weight. I have said this before, loosing weight and seeing myself clearly is harder then putting the weight on in the first place. My cousin's wife and I have been talking about this and she is going to help me with a project to help me see myself more clearly. I am looking forward to this project. I will tell you more about it after it is started!

So that was a lot but thanks for all of your love and support! I am excited to see where the next few months will take me!



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Haley said...

Keep up the good work Keri! Sure love you and have full confidence in you!!!