Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Hey Lovelies-

Sorry this took so long! I have had a long week and have therefore not gotten to this! SO I turned the BIG 30 last week. I have been psyching myself into this age for a while, I don't think I will be getting any older anytime soon! haha. Ok on to other news. I have lost now a total of 57 pounds! I am excited, things seem to still be going well. I am still trying really hard and shaking things up when needed. In September I lost 9 pounds so yeah still going strong! 

As I mentioned in my last post I have been working on a project with my cousins JaNae and Jared. They just started their own photography company! It is called Norman Creative Media and they are so much fun to work with! I wanted to better keep track of the changes since I couldn't really see them so they took pictures for me. I have some befores and now some currents, and we will progress from there! Thanks Jared and JaNae! If you need pictures call them they are truly fantastic to work with!!

SO here are some befores. They were taken at my friend Carolina's wedding in May, about a week before I started my journey. Don't be too harsh these make me a bit insecure, but I am sure grateful for the before and the afters.



I am still working on this journey, but I love me and I love this journey! This is me just months later, almost sixty pounds lighter, 1 shirt size smaller and several pant sizes smaller. My jeans are beginning to grow looser once again. I am seeing new changes all the time and I feel great! I got into an old dress this last weekend, a shirt, my favorite jean jacket, and a pair of jeans one size smaller then the ones I am currently wearing! SO yeah, like I said I love me, I love me enough to do this for me! 

Thanks for the love and the support! 

Love ya



Karli Anderson said...

You look great Keri!!! Keep up the good work. Love ya friend and proud of you.

Erika said...

You go girl!! You are awesome and I love your short hair.