Monday, June 17, 2013

Thoughts and Side Effects

Hey friends-

Tonight needs another post. So since you all know about the weigh in the weekend went well. I finished cleaning, dejunking, and re-arranging my room. It is nice, I feel like I can be more at peace in my room which will make studying much easier come summer term. I am really glad I got done, a few little touches, laundry, and one trip to the local thrift store and I have completed my work. Yeah me!!

Second lets talk side effects. First of all the tingling has gotten a little worse, both in my face, hands, and feet. It is doable and for the most part not too noticable. I am happy with the way I feel, and it seems to help in other ways. It helps a lot with satiation. I am literally not very hungary, I can start eating and not really want to finish. It is nice and makes a huge difference in my eating habits. In the mean time I am working on changing my eating habits so that when the day comes and I go off the medication it will be ok and I won't just gain all my weight back. Otherwise I do not notice any other side effects. Occasionally a headache or two from not eating enough but I feel like I am doing ok.

Other thoughts, as of late I have been having anxiety more than ever, well really I never really get much anxiety, I try not to worry and stew but I have been feeling a heavy load as of late but I am not sure why, I hope I can find peace in my inner soul soon. It needs a break and so does my insides, they are really struggling!! Anyways that might be about all!

Love you all


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