Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Back on track

Dear Lovelies-

So today is hump day!! It was such a long, and I cannot express more long day. I am glad it is over. Yesturday was my mum's birthday, she turned 29, again. I love birthdays, but we did a lot of eating out and I didn't eat very conservative and well that definitely bled over into today. I got off my toosh and went on a bike ride tonight and that helped me feel better about where I was and tonight I feel kind of starving so I guess I did ok. So tonight I am recommitting to make the rest of the week better. I must as though my friends, what do you do that helps you to stay on track especially during celebrations and holidays??

I would love any and all advice!!



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Anonymous said...

I remind myself that if I eat this fattening food I will have to exercise like for a week or two to get back to where I am right now before I eat this stuff. Then it doesn't look so good and I don't eat it. I choose something more healthy and less of it.