Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Hey friends!!

Today was a good day. I ate a few more calories today but I feel good about it, I just lacked energy yesturday. But I am still feeling on track. I love how each successful day helps you feel confidence in yourself. I know there are many hard days, even a couple years in my path but I am grateful for the small wins. Heavenly Father has been my advocate the last couple days and it has not gone unnoticed. Second I love how when I have done something before I feel good about what I am doing it and know that I can. For instance I rode my bike to and from work for about 5 miles or a little more. But the thing is that I felt so confident that even though there were hard spots that made my thighs and tooshi burn that I could do it because I had done it before. And may I say boo for rain, it is supposed to rain this weekend, including Friday, if it is raining I will not be riding to work, A) I would get wet, and B) It is not safe. So here is hoping it decides not to rain. I actually have found a lot of joy in working out, I love the time outside, soaking up Vitamin D, and it is relaxing. I feel so good when I am done. So yeah! Thanks for the love and encouragement. I have felt good and like I can do this when I feel encouraged! You all rock!!



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