Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Well Good afternoon Lovelies!

Can I go on a tangent for a moment before I write other things? Okay thanks! I walk usually early in the morning with my dog, not that early like 6:30. One of the people along my street has an annoying dog who barks ferociously. The owner got yelled at by his neighbors because of it. Keep in mind my dog doesn't bark back and we just go on our way. The other day the guy decided it was my fault his dog barks and told me I couldn't walk when I did. First, I live in a country where I am free to be on public property. I was on public property. Second since when are you as the owner of a pet not responsible for the pet. If my dog were to poop on others lawns, bark at people, run off, or bite someone it would be my responsibility to take care of it. So it makes sense that he would be responsible for his dog, not me, I am not provoking it, I could walk by without my dog and he would continue to bark. What is he going to do tell the whole neighborhood they cannot come on the street that runs by his house on the corner? I think Not!! So again why is your barking dog my fault? That is what I thought. Take responsibility for what is yours and I will worry about mine!!!!

Okay I have officially stepped off my soap box. in other news my life has been having a series of ups. I love when I feel this way especially after a lot of series of downs. I still have a few things to do for school but I am almost done. Then there is unexpected visits from people who mean a lot to you. I just don't know what else to do but be grateful. God Blesses my life, is aware of me, and blesses my life when I need to recognize it the most. The unexpected visit will be a good thing I think. But there will be more to come about that in another post friends!!


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Marla said...

It's dog owners like that who give the rest of you a bad name! Sorry you had to deal with him...sounds like you stood your ground beautifully.