Friday, April 22, 2011


I Couldn't let this week go by without expressing something of my feelings about this season.

I love the spring. It reminds me of something so important to me. This time of year the grass grows green again, the trees blossom and bud in anticipation of the leaves they will soon grow and the fruit they will produce. The flowers come out of their wintery graves as the hard ground begins to thaw out. It all reminds me though that the earth has come back to life after it's long winter.

Mostly it reminds me of the real reason we get to enjoy the beautiful world in which we live. The Lord created this earth for his children, for those who he loved. The Christian world is celebrating Christ's last days leading up to the Atonement, to the hours spent on the cross, suffering for each of God's children so that though we sin, through coming to Christ, we can return to the presence of our True Father in Heaven.

I am no different. I spend much time pondering, reflecting, and appreciating the ultimate Sacrifice of our Savior. Of his sacrifice, that I too might be forgiven of the sins that I commit. I also choose to celebrate with joy that our Savior, Jesus Christ, My Lord arose from the Tomb on the third day. He overcame death, he has given us all the opportunity to not only come back into God's presence but to become like he is.

I want to share with all the world, and shout it from the mountain tops that I know my Savior, Jesus Christ died for each of us. He suffered for our sins that we can be forgiven, if we choose to lay our sins at his feet and change. I know he suffered for more then our sins, he suffered for my trials, my sufferings, for my heartaches, and because of this he knows how to succor me, to bear my burdens when they are too heavy for me to bear any longer. He is my Savior. I am God's child. He is aware of me, he hears my prayers, and I can ask  for the things I want and need and when I do, he will pour blessings out upon me. Trust that there is a God, Trust that there is a Savior he loves you, He suffered all things for your sakes. He lived a perfect life. Come unto him with all your troubles, your sufferings, and your sorrows. He will bear your afflictions, lift your burdens, lighten the heavy load.


jamie said...

You should be a! Great post!

Oriah said...

Hi friend! How are you doing? I enjoy reading your blog... I have a hard time reading the cursive, but I enjoy it. :)

Keri said...

Thanks Oriah!! This cursive is way hard to read I thought it was different!! I might have to repost it!