Thursday, April 21, 2011


Good Morning Folks!!

Sorry I have had writers block, hence no writing! Not sure how many real followers I have so I don't feel too missed!! :) I spent some time pondering on a situation that had come up in my life and while reflecting it brought me back to a time in a life that changed me for life.

In college I worked for a great boss. Everyday he made sure to talk to everyone, tell them hello, see how they were doing. It was in these moments everyday that he came to realize my responses all came to be the same, I was okay, or doing alright, mostly according to my attitude about the days events. He after weeks, and maybe even months of this pointed something out to me. He said, and quite blatantly I might add, that I let too much get to me. That I need to choose to be happy. Choose to be fabulous. Since that time I have taken it to heart, when someone asks me how I am, I usually respond I am fabulous. I have to be. It is my choice. See what he taught me that day is this. How we are, how we handle life's situations are ultimately up to us. Our attitude can make or break a great learning opportunity.

I think this is the attitude I take in many situations I come upon in my life. It is hard being and older single adult in the community I live in. It is hard being overweight, knowing that most men will look at me and think I am cool, but will never date me because I am not thin enough. It is hard loosing your best friend and the man you thought you would spend your forever with. It is hard feeling lonely. But my point is, no matter what life throws at you, you can handle it with a good and positve attitude. Find something to do, keep busy. The more time you spend focusing on your problems the more negative you get. Put a smile on, realize God doesn't give you anything that you cannot handle, and then move on. To me it seems simple. Yes, you all know from reading my blog it takes time, but I am trying. I made knew plans, I am moving forward. sometimes it is baby steps sometimes it is big steps. But don't let what every problem you have currently in your life paralyze you from moving forward. You can do it, you can face it, be strong, and most importantly decide today how to face it!

Will you take it on with the courage of a lion?

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