Friday, March 11, 2011


Welcome to the week!!!

I have a great friend and she and I were talking the other day, (I know imagine me talking) anyway. We were discussing life, the current events of our lives, and the things we could do to make them more meaningful. She currently was working on a list of things she wanted to accomplish in her life. It made me think about something I wanted to do, 30 things before I turn 30. I realize I have a little while to go before I turn that age most girls my age worry and stew over and feel great turmoil about. But this something I want to do, a bucketlist of sorts!!

So without further adieu:

Have my first kiss! (not just give it away either)
Kiss in the rain (it may not be as romantic as the movies make it, but I love the rain)
Go Back to England
Go Back to Scotland
Go Back to Inverness, Switzerland
Go to Ireland
Go to Wales
Go to Norway (Specifically the Big mountains with water at the bottom!)
Visit Neuschwanstein
Run a 5k (not sure how I am going to do this I can't run a mile!)
Go on a church history tour
Camp out under the stars
Take a cake decorating class
Write a short story and publish it
Kick a bucket!
Get out of debt
Watch a movie up the canyon
See a meteor shower
Wish on a shooting star
Watch the stars with someone special
Do a photoshoot
Take a boy on a picinic in the park, and fly a kit
Wipe away someone's tears
Take a road trip
Walk on the beach at night,
Watch a sunrise and sunset on two opposite sides of the country in one day
Go para sailing
Master an amazing dish
Treat myself to dinner and a movie
Ask Someone out I never would

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