Friday, July 12, 2013

Surprises and the week

Hey Lovelies!!

It is the weekend! I would say that I am so excited but truth be told I am not! I have a test to study for tonight and take tomorrow!! BOO fractions!! I know elementary math should be easy right??? Oh well. Wish me luck on that one!

In 2004 I saved up what little money I could and went shopping for my first car. I remember looking and looking and was so excited when I found by baby. That is what I call her. A 2003 Chevy Cavalier. She has been through a lot with me. A few car trips, a few bangs and bruises, heartaches, loud music, tears, long conversations, and many many memories, here she is:

Isn't she beautiful?? Well After a long run I have sold her to my brother to get many more miles and fun memories. I will miss my baby for sure. She got me through a lot with little to no problems at all! I am so grateful for my first car! 

But with getting rid of  an old car comes getting a new car, meet Sassy:

A 2010 Camry. She was a good deal and she has a sun roof! I sure like her a lot and am looking forward to making memories with her!! So yeah, that is a big surprise!

Lets see this week has turned out way more surprising than that for me. That is for sure, and maybe even an understatement. I won't go into to many details on my blog but I definitely told someone something that makes me more vulnerable than I felt in a long time, we will see what happens with it. Yeah I tried for a long time to not be but there is no going back, simply moving forward from here.

This week has been good, a little stressful, a few ups and a few worries but really good, eating has been pretty good too! So here is wishing me luck that it pays off come Sunday when I weigh in! Have great weekend dear friends!!


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