Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Odds and Ends and Recommitments

Hey Lovelies-

So to begin with. Last week was horrible, I struggled with my eating habits, and I was really stressing out, more about that in a minute, so I had very little weight loss. So I made my twenty pounds, but that is all I lost, 1 pound. But that is ok! Onwards and upwards I am recommitting and this week will be much better!!

So other things I need to talk about, first thing is I went to the missionary broadcast that they showed on Sunday evening! Oh man I loved it. I feel like there is so much good to be done when each member does their part, so many more people who would be touched by the gospel and each member trying harder to live the gospel. We truly we become a more saint like people. If the only person I change is myself than I rest assured that this was a job well done.

Last is why I was stressing, I had to meet with the bishop and I wasn't quite sure why. But I was sure stressing about it!! I got a new calling in my ward to be part of the relief society presidency and I am so excited!! I love the sisters in our ward so much. I know how much Heavenly Father loves them and I can share the love he gives me for them with them and I look forward to that opportunity!! I am so excited to work with the other sisters in the presidency as well. Together I think we are going to do good things and I am excited to see where things are going to go!

Lastly is recommitting, as always each week I see the need to continue to recommit to take care of myself, I am working harder on eating well and exercising more and I know it will be good at the end of the week! Wish me luck!! Love you all thanks for the love and the support!!


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