Monday, May 13, 2013

Self, good day

Hey friends!

Thanks for all the love and support I got. It is appreciated. I was a bit apprehensive in putting it online for the world to see but I know I need to be accountable and this is a great way to do it! Today went well. I was hungry, like always when you restrict your diet you feel hungary. But I tried hard to stick to healthy and no sweet options. I am happy to report that I ate two salads and did really well. I am also very proud of myself! I stuck to only one sweet thing today and this is a huge feat as I am always wanting something sweet. I also drank a ton of water.
My ride went really well today. I am currently riding my moms pink beach cruiser, it is fun to ride on but there is one drawback that is probably a plus. It doesn't have gears so the pedal was all me carrying myself up town and back. But I loved it, it was a hot day but you don't notice until you stop because the breese keeps you cool! Also the whole of 800 east might be slightly declined because I was going fast and not really working as hard as I did the other way. All in all a great ride.
A couple things I have been thinking about, I spend a lot of time schooling and working. Part of the reason the weight needs to come off is because I am going to be a school teacher in a little over a year and I will need to be in the classroom standing all day. I need to make sure I am doing my part and that means being a better me. Another thing I have been thinking about is how busy I get and time passes and I do not get all done that I wanted to. So I am making a list for this summer, fall, and winter of things I would like to do, first go up the canyon, I love to look at the stars and I love a good campfire, I cannot wait to do something fun. Second I love plays and musicals, I want to see a couple of the ones they will be doing at the Scera, plus I would love to go to the tuachan and the Shakespearian festival. Lastly I want to go to seven peaks. In the fall I would love to take a weekend and go to Disneyland, just a quick trip but I always wanted to see the pumkin mickey mouse magic. In the winter I want to spend more time enjoying Christmas, it feels like it comes and goes so fast I would like to go to temple square, the river bottoms, and maybe take some time off work to just love the holiday. I just want to love being alive, and experiencing life! I turn 30 in September and I just am feeling like it is time to stop letting time pass so fast being so busy and just time to start loving life you know?
I don't know how many are reading this and I am not sure if this will be a daily thing forever but for now it is helping so keep on keeping and never give up your dreams!



Katie said...

Great job Kari! Diets are so hard, but good health is worth it! I love your goals too!

Katie said...

And by Kari I mean Keri :)

Anne Flade said...

Good for you, Keri! I'd love to keep hearing about your progress.